Honolua Bay Alert!

Maui, Hawaii – Word just in from our eyes and ears on Maui that Honolua Bay is once again under threat. This time it’s plans from “some heavy b.s. carpetbaggers, including Steve Case (of AOL-Time Warner scam fame) and his crony David Cole, who are now planning a 600-acre gated community w/private golf course between Windmills and the Bay. Silt runoff from recent development has already caused coral decline of 80% since 1993 with 50% increase in the destruction since ’01.”

The grassroots organization “Save Honolua” is just four months old, but it’s attracting a lot of local support and sports a nice John Severson logo. Our man on the scene says: “Your kokua would be greatly appreciated – please check out the website,, and help in any way you can. We don’t want to lose this treasure!”

Words: Drew Kampion