Surfilm Festibal coming up: Dane Reynolds presents Slow Dance (in person) … and Home Coming

Still to come as part of Surfilm Festibal 2013:
Surfilm Zarautz
8th August – The euro premiere of Slow Dance:
Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson will be there to present the film.

9th August – The world premiere of Home Coming, a shorfilm about Nathan Oldfield & family during the shooting of The Heart and the Sea …
PLUS assorted local films, and short films on Axi Muniain and Indar Unanue.
For info on how to get tickets go here.

SLOW DANCE European Premiere!

With Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds on site!
European premiere of SLOW DANCE! With Craig Anderson and Dane Reynolds. Surfilm ZARAUTZ. Cine Modelo 08.08 21.30 and 22.30

We are extremely proud to announce we are hosting the EUROPEAN PREMIERE of Slow Dance, Craig Anderson´s film directed by Dane Reynolds! Ando and Dane will be with us to present it personally at the beautiful Cine Modelo in Zarautz Thursday August 8th.
You can check out the review posted by our friends at STAB , but it looks killer! A mix of super progressive surfing, with Dane Reynolds, Dion Agus, but also legenday power surfers such as Matt Hoy, Occy, and Rob Machado… Slow mow images, fun parts, digital noise, and the stellar footage of Namibia from a chopper, single fin lines at Teahupoo, etc…
Very limited seats! We´ll host 2 screenings… 21.30 and 22.30… soon presales at
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