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Running to the Skeleton Coast

Running to the Skeleton Coast

Alex Dick-Read

Hugues Lunasurf Skeleton Suit Pole camera
Here’s a little gallery of desert filth from Ian Battrick. He is, ostensibly, from Jersey, but in truth he spends more time in the furthest, hollowest reaches of the surf world.
Ian’s just back from a trip to the Skeleton Coast where he rendezvoused with his friend and fellow feral, Hugues Oyarzabal.
Here’s what he had to say:

“Back at home recently I’ve been surfing waves most normal humans wouldn’t even touch – howling 1ft slop. Just pure, gutless fadeouts!
“I’d been watching the swell down in Africa for a week and finally, at 5.59pm last Friday, I lost the plot. I found a last minute flight and booked it for the next morning then high tailed to Skeleton Bay driving for a few hours through the night across the Namibian desert, solo. Anyway I made it there and, as predicted, the one day pumped. That place has to be seen to be believed, seriously.
Using the 5’5 Doc Prescriptions round tail, built for Jersey summer super slop, the first wave at Skeleton was quite funny. The thing flew as a quad! (thats the pink board in all the shots.)
Skeleton is a tricky wave to surf, but I think someone one day will get the longest barrel ever right there. It’s absolutely a serious possibility.
I think you need to have several swells/days there just for your mind to comprehend the dimension of that wave. It’s too much, incomprehensible, crazy. If you’re going to surf it, you seriously need to expand your thinking.
Full Gallery.
Ian Battrick POV Skeleton Bay

Ian and Hugues Skeleton Beach

Ian Battrick Skeleton Bay

  1. Massimo

    It is a pity there is no footage.Presumably he has some money back up,a flight from the states all the way to namibia is not likely to be cheap.A board covered in tail pads rather than wax?A new fashion?I wonder how cold is the water and if there are sharks around.

    1. Matt Giesler

      @Massimo fellow surfer, this wave is extremely heavy. it is so heavy that it broke the noses of two guy pro big wave surfers who regularly surf pipeline. guys like craig anderson and twiggy baker barely make the drop on the overhead ones. anyone who paddles into this wave is a committed surfer. i don’t care if the guy wants to put 20 deck grips on board. if he goes there and gets those waves he shows more commitment than 99% of all surfers in the world. it doesn’t matter what board he rides or how it looks.

  2. Fonzy

    Batty’s from JERSEY in the Channel Islands, which boosts the oldest surf club in Europe, NOT Jersey in the US.


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