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Submit Your Story to Surfing's Greatest Misadventures

Submit Your Story to Surfing's Greatest Misadventures

Surfing Misadventures book

Casagrande Press is seeking stories, articles, and essays for publication in Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures: Volume 2.

They are looking for nonfiction, first-person surf stories of bad judgment calls, pranks, comical/ironic episodes, disaster, attacking predators, misfortune, injury, loss of wit or limb, panic, critical conditions, contest meltdowns, everyday fears, surf trips gone wrong or the out-of-water episodes that surround surfing.

The editors like well-written stories that tell a good tale, reflect a culture, and develop the depth of the characters involved. Open to writers and surfers of any level. There is no fee to submit a story and they will consider previously published stories.

The deadline for all submissions is January 15th, 2008.

Click here to submit your story.


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