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Shark Shield Surf Anti-Shark Device Eaten by Shark

Shark Shield Surf Anti-Shark Device Eaten by Shark

For those of us that were hoping that the Shark Shield would allow us to safely surf the sharkiest lineups in the world, there is a bit of disappointing news. Whilst being tested in South Africa, under the supervision of the Natal Sharks Board, a female great white ate a Shark Shield device that had been attached to a float. This has been the cause of speculation that the electrical fields designed to repel sharks might in fact attract them.

The manufacturer claims that the device does work but that due to the design it will only be effective while a surfer is stationary and waiting for a wave. If you are actually surfing, or paddling, you could be out of luck. At any rate, we cannot think of a more spectacular product testing failure than this one…

Source: The Australian

  1. Martin Grace

    Hi there,

    I am the General Manager of Shark Shield.

    It is disappointing to see this very old and incorrect story keep on popping up on blogs.

    I would like to highlight that a Shield Shield does not attract sharks. The poor resistive qualities of sea water means that the protective electric field is very localised. This has also been proven scientifically.

    I have not seen the video of the Shark Shield during R&D testing because it happened a long time ago, but I am aware that the testing was done at the R&D phase and therefore some tests were carried in extreme conditions where it was known the device would fail eg. output electrodes sometime coming out of the water etc.

    I understand with our technology there will always be doubters but please note that our product is proven to reduce shark attack. Thats why the Australian Navy and various other government, commercial, and recreational users have purchased them around the world.


    Martin Grace
    General Manager
    Shark Shield


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