Parabolic rails Update

As is often the way with publishing, when we ran a small piece on Thomas Meyerhoffer’s ‘revolutionary’ new curvy rail designs – – it wasn’t long before someone got in touch to tells us that curvy rails like this have been around for a little while. It was our old friend Chops Lascelles of Beach Beat surfboards. Chops wanted us to know that he and Grant Stover shaped their first board like this over two years ago – using snowboard design as their inspiration – and that Chops’ Beach Beat surfboard already offers a line of custom shapes in this, the Platypus design.

So, not to take anything away from Thomas Meyerhoffer’s work, but also in the interest of widening the story, here’s Chops’ basic information about the Platypus range. Chops also adds this: “I have been surfing one for quite a while and absolutely love it in anything.I have surfed it from 2ft to 6ft-plus, and it just works.”