Online Petition Launched to Fight Airline Surfboard Charges

Surfers Against Discriminatory Airline Surfboard Fees

Surfers are some of the most travelled people in the world. Pioneering and exploring remote parts of the world to find that beautiful gem of a wave. These airlines would not be making money from a lot of prime destinations if it hadn’t been for surfers, places like Bali, Costa Rica, Central America, The Maldives, Sri Lanka and many remote destinations in Indonesia just for starters.

What is shameful & discriminatory is that most airlines have imposed fees for the handling of a surfboard. Some airlines have banned surfboards altogether. Delta has imposed the single largest fee compared to all airlines except for those carriers that have banned us surfers from flying with them, namely British Airways and Bahamas Air.

Join the petition to speak out against ALL airline carriers that have banned surfboards altogether and those airlines that charge surfers exorbitant fees for no benefit.

We also would like to take the opportunity to express thanks & show support to the airlines that do not discriminate against surfers. They are: Qantas, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, South African Airlines, TACA and Virgin Atlantic.