…Lost Now Supporting James Pribram

Normally, …Lost is not the first company to pop into your head when you think of environmental hippy tree huggers… but after watching a serious ‘Eco-Warrior’ in the battlefield, James seemed like the perfect representative for the brand.

He’s saving whales, creating controversy, opening eyes, and just plain doing the things we tell ourselves we should be doing, but never get around to it.

A couple career highlights include winning the…
– ‘John Kelly Environmental Award’ from Surfrider Foundation
– ‘Wave Saver Award’ from Save the Waves Coalition
– ‘My Hero Award’ from the My Hero Project
– …and most recently the ‘MSA Environmental Award’ from the Malibu Surfing Association

James is the spokesperson for the “International Year of the Reef” and can be seen hosting segments on Fuel TV.

Look for James testing …Lost boards around the globe and possibly using one as a shield against some whaling ship’s harpoon!