Kelly Slater Pushes the Boat Out

Kelly Slater’s new board: whaddaya reckon?

It’s is called the Chunnel and it’s a whole new order of weird, even for the currently experimentalist best-surfer-ever Kelly Slater.

At this stage no one really knows what he’s thinking, other than that its outside the box by a long way. Channel Islands recently slipped this little nugget into the hype machine and speculation is already rife on whether KS will be riding this when the tour restarts at Snapper Rocks at the end of Feb., whether he’ll blow everyone away or make a fool of himself (not easy if you’re KS on the GC at aQuik ASP event, but not impossible) Whatever happens in the public eye, any surfers with an interest in board design should keep an eye on the Chunnel.

Here’s what CI Surfboards put out there:

“Water is compressed over the hole. As it passes over, it draws air into the Chunnel (channel/tunnel). It is the principal of the U class racing boats on pontoons. Each side panel is veed out with hard concaves toward the rails.”

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