Giving away a laptop a week

Every Friday for 6 weeks The Surfer’s Path host website MPORA is giving away a brand new Apple Macbook.

You’ll have six chances to win one or else pick up one of our amazing daily prizes along the way from Howies, Flip Video, Fox Clothing and Vans

The craziest thing is that it’s so easy to enter. Just go to and leave a comment, post a video or photo, sign up, invite friends, pretty much anything you do on MPORA will count as an entry.

Daily winners and Macbook winners will be chosen at random with a complex algorithmic thingy (just to make sure its fair). We want the competition to be fun and wish people to respect the site and not spam. No bots or scripts please, no one likes a cheater…

If you win, we’ll deliver your new objects of desire direct to your door; where ever you live in the world