Carlos Burle Charges Ireland

‘Beef or Salmon’ is an impressionist film maker’s portrayal of the relationship between ground breaking Cornish brand Finisterre and their first ambassador, Carlos Burle – one of the world’s top big wave surfers.

Premiering at the Cornish Film Festival, the documentary examines the reasons Carlos teamed up with Finisterre as well as getting inside the mind of one of the world’s leading big wave surfers. The film was shot last October when Carlos was with Finisterre on a recent ‘Cold Water Frontiers’ trip to Ireland, paddling into one the heaviest waves in Northern Europe, when many would have reached for the jet ski.

Writer/Director/Producer Greg Robinson crafted one of the most revealing and transparent surf documentaries in ages. It touches on more than just waves and a punk band playing in the background, focusing on the existence of a small, but ground breaking brand Finisterre. It looks at the reasons for their being, the trials and tribulations of a small surf brand taking the road less traveled, and the intimate relationship with one of the greatest big wave surfers, and their only ambassador, Carlos Burle.

Check out the trailer…

To view the Documentary in full (duration 18 mins.) and have a chance to win £250 of Finisterre’s new product line – out this September – click here