ASP International Seeking Proposals for Dream Tour Licenses

ASP International is excited to announce a unique opportunity for parties interested in aligning themselves with the ‘Dream Tour.’ This is a call to action for all those eager to secure one of a limited number of ASP World Tour or ASP Women’s World Tour event licenses.

Only 13 ASP World Tour and 10 ASP Women’s World Tour licenses are offered each year and the ASP is currently seeking suitable applicants to fill vacancies – there are two licenses available for each tour. To receive detailed instructions on how to apply for an ASP World Tour event license, send the ASP folks an {encode=”” title=”email”}.

While the ASP is prepared to view any legitimate application, key locations and territories of particular interest to the ASP include Central America (Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico), Mainland USA, Japan, Maldives (Women’s Event) and Europe (Women’s Event).

The success of an applicant will be measured, in part, by the applicant’s ability to provide a comprehensive proposal that serves to broaden and support the ASP World Tour in contemporary, unique and innovative ways. The deadline for proposals is August 15, 2008.