Andrew Kidman’s ‘Ether Daily Blog’

An artist, musician, photographer, film-maker, shaper, surfer and a long-time contributor to this magazine, Andrew Kidman has been an inspiration to a generation. We’ve argued many times on our pages that his film Litmus, and his exploratory triangulation with two other surfers of influence, Tom Curren and Derek Hynd, was largely responsible for the return of the twin fin, fish, egg … ‘retro’ whatever … in the late 1990s/early 2000s. The Litmus aesthetic helped re-open our minds after years of thruster brainwash, and ultimately led to a whole lot more fun for a lot more surfers.

So it’s always worth keeping track of Kidman’s output. In recent years he’s been living in rural NSW, Australia, with his wife Mish (herself a talented artist) and two kids, Bella and Gutherie. As well as shaping great boards, taking photos, making music and so on, he’s put together a limited edition book of his work, called Ether. The ‘Ether Daily Blog’ is loosely related to the book – it has excerpts, interviews, photos, film etc from Ether – but it also serves as a fascinating daily outlet for Kidman’s over-flowing cup of creative juice. Bookmark this one. Surprise and delight are guaranteed.

Check out his blog here.