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Aloha Army Da Hui T-Shirt Celebrates North Shore Pride

Aloha Army Da Hui T-Shirt Celebrates North Shore Pride

Aloha Army T-Shirt

Aloha Army is stoked to present an extremely limited t-shirt collaboration with Da Hui. There were only 50 of these black t-shirts printed and are not available for sale. The Aloha Army X Da Hui tee was designed by In4mation’s Rhandy Tambio and is a stark contrast to the cookie cutter clothing that is typical of the mainstream surf industry.

Da Hui is an offshoot of The Hui ‘O He‘e Nalu and was born in Hawai‘i by a group of surfers, who were also known as the ‘black shorts’ during the’70’s and ‘80’s. These are extreme and proud people who have strong feelings about the protection and preservation of the Hawaiian culture, local people and North Shore lineups. Da Hui averts anarchy at North Shore surf spots, like the Banzai Pipeline, and keeps visitors respectful of the locals in the water.

The Hui ‘O He‘e Nalu, which literally means ‘Club of Wave Sliders’, was officially established in 1973 by a core group of North Shore waveriders to protect the rights of Hawaiian and local non-Hawaiian surfers. Founding members of the surf club are watermen like, Eddie Rothman, Kawika Stant, David Stant Jr., Bryan Amona, Squiddy Sanchez, Terry Ahue and many others. During the ‘70’s there was a surge of visiting surfers that blatantly disrespected the local community of the North Shore. The Hui ‘O He‘e Nalu regulated these disrespectful wave riders and reminded them to show consideration for Hawai‘i and its people.

Today Da Hui, led by former Head of Hawaiian Water Patrol Eddie Rothman, pro surfer Kala Alexander, Mahina Chillingworth, Gabby Kahuauleio, and David and Darold Stant continues the original mission of The Hui ‘O He‘e Nalu. Aloha Army is proud to release this limited t-shirt collaboration as a symbol of pride for the North Shore’s natural beauty, world-class waves, rural community and its guardians.

  1. Imiloa Nahilihili Alanou

    Dear Mr. Rothman, There comes a time in all of our lives when we must decide the most difficult and significant of your blackshorts exploits.. That one day you and your extended families efforts would become something more important to the ones that your fellowship have so addimently represented. The buffalo people have sent forth their favorite children on what is to be our final and greatest attempt as a people without land or recognition as a tribe. They sent the one who was most capable of understanding the power of our peoples struggle would end at the power of a beatiful story. Fear not for I am fearless for I am the nobody and nobody loves me. So often I have walked alone to those who thought to do me wrong for they have all come to know the Hui and I have come to this moment in time as what is known as a shirt Bearer And Iam asking for you and yours for guidence and understanding. Go to your hearts and ask the kahuna’s to assist in your decisions if nessasary. We were not able to find a timeline sooner than the now. They kept us in a state of suppresson just as surely as they kept the fathers bones in a trunk locked away from time and space. A state of suspended animation is no longer. And to those who have chosen to be less than kind to our beautiful flawk need to remember these words the dead are not powerless. I will be on Maui In April. I look forward to being in the company of human beings. And I look forward to your input and techical advise.


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