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How stripy SAMS shark protection suits might just keep the tigers and whites at bay

How stripy SAMS shark protection suits might just keep the tigers and whites at bay

Alex Dick-Read

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SAMS stands for Shark Attack Mitigation System. SAMS is stripy and hard to see in the sea when you wear it or cover your board in it. SAMS is the result of extensive research into shark vision capabilities. It can confuse a shark or make it think you’re nothing special, which could be a good thing in this case.
SAMS is pretty darn interesting and we’ll be finding out more and keeping you updated on whatever we find out about it. Meantime, here’s the video and, below, some of what the creators of SAMS have to say about it.

Here’s what they have to say about it:
“World-leading shark scientists at the University of Western Australia now understand exactly how sharks see. In collaboration with the university, SAMS has translated the scientific data into a range of patented shark deterrent and repellent wetsuits, along with other products now available online.
Test footage was captured by National Geographic.
Visit for more.”

  1. Massimo

    Mmmhh…so ,the electric leash was not much of a success…this looks more natural,if it works I am not sure,I have not seen actual footage of a human-looking dummy with the suit in shark infested areas of say Soutafrica,this should be the test: you put 10 mannequins ,5 with the SAMS and 5 with a normal suit in waters with a lot of sharks and see if the striped ones do not get even a -single- bite(just one can kill a surfer).Until then,not sure it will be selling much(also because you would look ridicolous)


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