Red Bull Big Wave Africa Paddle-In Comp Starts Today!

What: Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2008
Where: 24 July – 31 August 2008
When: Dungeons, South Africa

After a nine-year on-off relationship, Red Bull BWA and Dungeons are about to embark on their celebratory ten-year anniversary in true big wave style.

Having grown into one of the world’s longest-running and most respected big wave paddle-in competitions, the event has kept its ardent followers in awe for years, and plans on making year ten the best yet – providing Neptune steps up to the plate with solid, clean early winter swells.

Due to the location of Dungeons being so far South and a significant trip for travelling surfers, Red Bull has decided to revisit its original format of inviting all the competitors to come spend five weeks in Cape Town, with the window period opening on the 24th of July and closing on the 31st of August.

Keep up to date with the live webcast on the official website.