Nicaragua’s Ocean Playground Threatened by Public Pier

Just south of San Juan, Playa Yankee, is a local favorite that under the right Pacific swells spits out perfect clean hollow barrels consistently throughout the day. This ocean playground will soon disappear for the sake of the privacy of one man.

Piero Coen Ubilla, a Nicaraugan businessman who among other things, owns the Western Union franchise in Nicaragua is also the owner of the land that fronts Yankee Beach. Although beaches in Nicaragua are public property, Ubilla has managed to create his own private beach by placing an armed guard in one end and now a pier in the other.

Ubilla bought permits for the pier construction from MTI (Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure). “This most likely means that he wants to pull boats to it. If that is the case, it will destroy the break among other things such as sea life and natural marine habitats,” explains Donn Wilson, a Nicaraguan resident who is in opposition to the pier.

The construction plan also implies the use of explosives in fragile marine areas, where parts of the natural reef will be blown up. This fragile marine area not only host an epic barreling wave, but it is also home to many endangered marine species who will be drastically disturbed with the new construction.

For more information on Yankee Beach and to see how you can help, visit: www.savethewaves.org