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100ft Wave? OK, Here' s what happened

100ft Wave? OK, Here' s what happened

Alex Dick-Read

CNN and every other media outlet in the universe is claiming this to be ‘possibly 100ft wave’ but once again Garrett McNamara isn’t.
Watch carefully. There’s no doubt these waves are HUGE but – this isn’t a dissing Garrett thing – these are legitimate queries:
Did the big righthander (1 minute in) actually break?
Was it ridden?
Was it 100ft?
Whaddaya reckon?

Here’s the CNN interview with Anderson Cooper

  1. Dora

    Not even close. Stop the hype!!!!

  2. Not convinced

    The only guy who actually ‘rode’ a wave was really at 2:37. Hardly any of these waves ‘broke’ and NONE of them were close to 100ft, the angle just makes them look bigger!

  3. Bc

    Those waves, or swells, were definitely huge but not 100ft. Technically they rode the waves, but it just didn’t look as good without crashing curling wave breaks. Still ballsy though.

  4. Williwaws

    Quit the Hatin’. McNamara rode the wave. It was huge, it was dangerous, and it was bigger than anything you’re going to attempt in your lifetime.


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