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Sannyasi Greenlight Products

New products towards an eco solution

Eco Glassing Kits

Sannyasi is able to offer Green Light Surfboard Supplies eco glassing kits in the UK. This is a brand new patent pending stretch laminating technique (developed by Greenlight in the USA) that utilises Bamboo cloth and is ideally suited to PS/Epoxy lay ups. This system is perfect for first time surfboard builders and professional shapers too. When used with recyclable polystyrene and epoxy resin a hi-performance environmentally friendly surfboard is easily and efficiently realised. The kits also include the worlds first Bio-plastic leash plugs. The future has arrived.

Sannyasi 100% Organic hemp surfboard leash loop

Reduce your surfboards carbon footprint with one of these Sannyasi 100% Organic Hemp leash loops. Ready tied and with wax dipped ends. This product is available now from Sannyasi.