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Natural High Lifestyle Paradise Hoody

Never underestimate the importance of a warm hoody. Whether you’re checking the surf on a bonechilling
morning or warming up after a dawn patrol, a pullover like the Paradise Hoody ought to be
standard issue uniform for surfers. The cut is full and relaxed and the hood itself is slightly oversized
so it’ll cover your eyes when you’re hung-over or want to retreat inside your shell. The only quirky
thing is the drawstring around the waist. Chicks will dig it, but most men will find it a bit too girly.
No worries, I yanked the drawstring right out and it’s good to go. As for the fabric, it’s soft as a
baby’s blanket and since it’s made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton fleece it’s as easy on the
environment as it is on your skin.