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Ibiza SUP Chill Festival

Ibiza SUP Chill Festival

The first edition of the IBIZA SUP CHILL FESTIVAL will take place on the last weeekend of September. An event created for all the people interested in nature and Stand Up Paddle Surf. Within the festival, Sunset Point SUP Resort (official SUP center in Ibiza) along with the Federación Española de Surf organizes the 1st International SUP Instructor Meeting. A unique opportunity for worldwide instructors to meet and share their experience. Sponsoring this event: Nomad Surfers, Roxy, Nicoboco

Dates: September 25-28
Price: 150 EUR per person.
Accomodation: 3 nights.


– 3 nights of shared accomodation.
– 3-4 pax apartaments with TV and ocean view.
– Double apartamentos also available.
– Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
– Crossings to Café del Mar, Khumaras, Acuario, Es Vedra and other surprises.
– BBQs.
– Reggae concerts. (Pato Ranking)
– XL Screen Projector.
– Swimming pool, gardens and chill out area.
– Test Center where the latest models of the best SUP boards in the market can be tested.
– Workshop for International SUP instructors.
– Stand Up Paddle Surf Clinics for all Meeting assistants.


Board and paddle rental 50 EUR per person per day.
Airport transfers 50 EUR per person (round trip).
Car rental from 30 EUR per day.
Private apartment supplement 50 EUR per day.

  1. Tony Carson Big Island

    Just when you thought the line ups couldn’t get any worse, along come sups, haven’t seen one sup rider yet, that had any style. Long boards at least look graceful compared to these planks. The guys riding them have all the style of a water buffalo. On the plus side, the novelty seems to be wearing off, and I don’t see as near as many at my local breaks. Maybe people are finding out that riding them, is as lame as it looks. You too, Laird.


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