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Surfer's Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life

Surfer's Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life

A Surfer's Code

By Shaun Tomson (with Patrick Moser)

Gibbs Smith Publisher

Some of us carry around a small credit-cardsized piece of plastic emblazoned with 1977 World Champion Shaun Tomson’s dozen commandments,
titled “A Surfer’s Code.” Now those “pieces of wisdom”, which Shaun gleaned over his 40-plus years of surfing, have been expanded into a book replete with personal anecdotes, philosophical and practical instruction, and a tasteful assemblage of photos, most of Tomson himself. It’s a good read, which includes a poignant Epilogue by Shaun and his wife Carla on the recent death of their only child, Mathew. The 15-year-old’s school essay, “Becoming a Man”, which he read to his father just an hour before he died, is included. – DK

  1. clinton watson

    I was fortunate enough to listen to an interview between Shaun Tomson and Jenny Crwys Williams on Talk Radio 702. The background to his new book “The Light Shines On” was particularly meaningful to me because my wife and I had recently been through a similar experience when our only child ( Shaun Watson 29 yrs ) was killed on his motorcycle. The inspirational words were ” eliminate the what if’s ” – this has since been of great help to us and I wish to thank Shaun profusely for sharing this with us.
    Thank you very much
    Clinton & Sharon Watson


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