A Film by Paul Kraus

In a low budget, home movie kind of way,
Paul Kraus’ film, ShapeMakers is an important
historical document. His informal, filmed
interviews with some of the greatest shapers
to have ever held a planer offer a fascinating
glimpse into who these people are, what they do and how they
do it.

He talks to the likes of Dick Brewer, Dale Velzy, Tom
Morey, Midget Farrelly and a clutch of other serious names in
the shaper universe, fi lming them as they chat about boards,
making boards, their theories about boards and so on. When
you see Dick Brewer idly picking up a freshly finished stick
while explaining his theories on rocker and rails, you can’t
help but think about the power and history in his hands, the
weight in his words. This isn’t a ‘how to’ film, nor do the
shapers give away their deepest secrets, but they all have deep,
varied experience of the art, and in total, their words make
up some kind of wisdom. And, at a time when surfboard
manufacturing might be about to radically change, Kraus’
interviews seem timely.

It’s not a surf flick, but it’s essential for interested shapers,
and pretty cool for surf nerds of all persuasions. – ADR