Buried in the Backyard


Uncharted Productions

What a great surprise! Coming out of
America’s “Right Coast” as if from left field,
everything about this DVD is fun, sharp, and perfectly skewed!

This is a fine documentary glimpse at Northeast US surf and
skate lifestyle, progressing in a randomly organized way from
New York City’s Rockaway Beach to Long Island, down to New
Jersey, over to Philadelphia, down to Puerto Rico, and on to the North Shore and some excellent Pipe. Also features bonus stuff,
including a look at the voodoo culture on Haiti’s north shore and
a slide show of the making of Buried in the Backyard. A second disc
carries the soundtrack, which is eclectic, rich, and as exploratory
as the fi lm. From Uncharted Productions, based in Rincon, Puerto
Rico, which apparently got them the inside track with PR skate
phenom Wonderboy. Rating: way fun. Don’t miss. – DK

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