All the Way to the Ocean

By Joel Harper

Illustrated by Marg Spusta

A children’s book about storm
drains and the importance of
keeping them clean doesn’t sound like anyone’s choice at
bedtime. But this little story written by Joel Harper – artist,
writer, musician (brother of Ben, indeed) – and illustrated
by artist, designer and teacher, Marg Spusta, cruises lightly
around the urban, underground drainage system and into
the wonderful world at the end of the outflow. The two
characters, Isaac and James, are a pair of curious junior skate
rats and, through their wonder, the book teaches and entertains
while making the simple connection between trash and sick
ecosystems. There’s also an intro by Laird Hamilton, and a
portion of the book’s proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation,
so All the Way to the Ocean is pretty much a must for junior skate
rats everywhere. – ADR