The Surfer and the Golden Gate Jumper

Big jump … A surfer at Fort Point, San Francisco (above, on a flat day) helped the kid after he leaped from the bridge.

Here’s the intro and a link to an incredible story on the San Francisco Chronicle website:

(03-10) 20:25 PST SAN FRANCISCO — A 17-year-old boy on a field trip with his Sonoma County high school class leaped from the Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday, but survived and was able to swim to shore with a surfer who went out to rescue him, authorities said.

The boy is a junior at Windsor High School whom officials did not identify because of his age. Some students said he might have leaped to impress his classmates, but for now the California Highway Patrol is investigating the matter as an attempted suicide, said CHP Officer Chris Rardin.”

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