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Obama's Quiver?

Obama's Quiver?

Alex Dick-Read

This photo, by Getty Images, just appeared in a Guardian news story about President Obama’s return to the Whitehouse after his Xmas holiday in Hawaii.
Apparently these two presidential aides, Ben Frankenbinder and Nick Shapiro, were spotted disembarking from Air Force 1 with these two good looking sticks.
This raises questions:
Do the boards belong to said aides? Or are they local-boy Barak’s?
Did he, or any of the Presidential team, use them? If so, where?
Is Obama sponsored by Quiksilver? Did news of his signing with them get overshadowed by news of Stephanie Gilmour defecting from Rip Curl to Quik yesterday?
There will be more questions raised by this shot –send them in and we’ll pass them on to the Whitehouse for you! – but, personally, my main question for the President is this:
How much do you want for the Wade Tokoro pintail? Despite the Iraq-Afghan-inspired paint-job it looks like a sick board, so, c’mon brah, let’s work out a nice price.
I know you’re looking for US$14 trillion right now but I think you can come down on that a bit, eh?
How ’bout a free organic TSP tee and some eco wax?

  1. Jesse

    If these bozo’s surfed they would not have the wax side up against their suits..

  2. Troy S

    That looks suspiciously photoshopped to me

  3. Scott Bishop

    If Obama was surfing one of the those there would no doubt be surfer shots of Obama riding it.
    I say it belongs to one of the staff members. What you think?

  4. Alex

    This reeks of a staged photo-op. Who carries their board with the wax side facing in, especially when wearing your Armani suit? No board bag for the trip to Hawaii? Not even a sock?! Why do these guys even need Hawaiian step up boards in Washington DC? Endless questions. Still better than having a Texas oil man as president whose favorite pastime is clearing brush in the texas heat.


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