Kirstin Prisk’s Sam Boex shot comes alive

Kirstin Prisk recently sent us a couple of beautiful backlit shots to illustrate our interview with Mark Roberts of Glass Tiger surfboards (wooden boards, no glass … read all about ’em in TSP 77). One image of Sam Boex flying on a Glass Tiger fit perfectly with the interview but that left several others that were just too good to pass up. This stand-out shot of a stand-up tube (Go Pro camera mounted on the deck) just begged to be used big, so it quickly found itself a spread in our Gallery.

Just because we can, and because this is how the future will be/already is, here’s the whole session (some of it in reverse) as edited by photographer Kirstin Prisk.

Sam Boex | GoPro Surf Hero HD from Kirstin Prisk on Vimeo.

By the way, Prisk is a true Cornish original – a real solid surfer, former pro bodyboarder who pioneered many now-well-known death slabs, and these days, a commercial photographer. He’s currently one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the region but he still keeps his chops wet when conditions allow. Pay him a visit to find out more at