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Kelly Slater Makes Waves – no, really

Kelly Slater Makes Waves – no, really

Alex Dick-Read

Is the Champ about to give the gift of surfing to the masses? Keep an eye on this. Like all things KS, it could go huge:
[Scroll down for three KSWC videos]

December 2nd, 2010 — Culver City, CA — After five years of research and development, champion pro surfer Kelly Slater has launched the Kelly Slater Wave Company [KSWC] — a company devoted to making a world-class surfing experience accessible to the sport’s enthusiasts across the globe.
KSWC’s pioneering wave-generation and control technologies feature the world’s first natural, deep water, world-class wave. The wave is generated on the outside of a large circular pool, propagating onto an inner island where it breaks endlessly. The company aims to use this technology to create a new vision of entertainment that extends beyond just waves themselves — offering a unique lifestyle destination featuring beaches, restaurants, bars, pools, conference facilities, and retail. KSWC intends to permanently change how people and business professionals think and interact with the surfing lifestyle.
“Until now, there hasn’t been a man-made wave technology that even comes close to reproducing a natural feeling and world-class waves,” Slater says. “From the start, we’ve been committed to creating an authentic surfing experience. It’s been a long and challenging development period, led by a formal scientific investigation, but we now understand how to generate and control the elements that produce ocean-type waves. Our technology can create a wave that suits anyone from beginner to pro level, and can be adjusted easily for everyone in between.”
Since 2005, Slater and a team of engineers, scientists, and businessmen have worked to research the viability of an endless traveling wave. To accomplish this, KSWC founders built a state-of-the-art research laboratory in Los Angeles that houses a working model of the circular wave pool. Slater and his team will develop, market, license, and sell KSWC’s patentable wave-generation control technologies to promote accessibility to the sport.
“This project has unlimited potential to add to surfing,” Slater says. “I’d like to see this be a sort of default wave for when the surf in the ocean isn’t good, as well as a platform to help anyone advance from the level they’re at quickly and easily in a safe environment. Our technology will allow everyone, no matter their age or skill
level, to have a rewarding surfing experience.”
“The commercial opportunities for these applications are tremendous; allowing hospitality, theme park, residential, and other developers an opportunity to offer a world-class surfing experience on their property,” says KSWC co-founder Jeff Bizzack. “We want these destinations to transport visitors from their day-to-day lives to a place where they can surf, re-charge, and participate in all types of activities. This lifestyle experience, together with our innovative wave technology, provides a perfect environment for guests to never want to leave a property.”
Kelly Slater Wave Company is now ready to deliver the first-ever world-class natural man-made waves to interested parties. For sales information, please contact KSWC’s General Manager, Noah Grimmett, at 310-202-9283 or

  1. dave

    i think this is a really bad idea..further commercialisation can only be a bad thing..if this is his retirement plan its a bad one

  2. MrSurfhunter

    This doesn’t look like a new ideea. In fact you can find man made waves in Siam Park, Tenerife.

  3. Jimmy

    Remember when surfers were all drug addicts & ne’er-do-wells, & no self-respecting parent would ever be happy about their child pursuing such a go-nowhere pastime? In fact, it would never be mentioned in polite company if such a curse had been placed on the family. Gee I really, really, really miss those days…

  4. Del

    Noooo, what’re you doing Slater? Isn’t the search and the wait part of our connection to what we love. Everything is on tap now and nothing, it would appear, is sacred anymore. On the plus side it may empty the line-up a bit!!

  5. Tony Carson

    Screw Kelly Slater, now he”s trying to cash in on a artificial wave, like he has”nt made enough bucks already from pro surfing, which is basically just a tool by surf companies to promote surfing to the masses, so they can sell someone in the midwest a surf tee they don”t really need. This is just a bad idea, if some one is really hardcore, they are going to pay their dues like we did, and log some hours in the ocean and learn to surf. Most of the fun from surfing comes from being in the free God given ocean, that no one can buy, feeling the salt water and the sand beneath your feet, and all the other good vibes that go with it. Well, I”m sure he might get a crew from the yuppie bunch, who might want to try and be cool and try this. Kelly is as screwed up as these guys who claim exclusive wave rights and want you to open your wallet for them, and pay to ride a wave that they think they own. No one should ever have to pay to ride a wave. Now Kelly wants you to open your wallet for him, for an artificial experiance . No thanks. Tony Carson Big Island

  6. Tony Carson

    In this article, Kelly Slater’s partner and co founder says “the (commercial) opportunities for these application are tremendous” translation (maybe big bucks for someone, maybe for Kelly). One definition of commercialism today is “the tendency to turn everything into an {object} or service sold for the purpose of generating a profit {money). This seems like the last thing surfing needs today, more people {especially surfers themselves} trying to take something they once probably loved, {surfing}, and turning it into an {object} to be sold and prostituted to the masses to stuff their own wallets. Tony Carson Big Island

  7. Tony Carson Big Island

    Has Slater flipped out or what, (or has all that money gone to his head), or is he just that lame, (or greedy), that he thinks most surfers grow up, wanting to have a surf park.
    I would consider myself a somewhat hardcore surfer, having been surfing for over forty years, and I’ve never once felt like I wanted a surf park, just the opposite, I think it is one of the lamest ideas ever.
    I think any real surfer,(worth his salt), would feel the same. Like I said earlier, half the stoke of the surfing lifestyle, comes form being in the free, God given ocean, (that no one can buy}, feeling the salt water and the sand beneath your feet, and all the other good vibes that go along with it. And Slater knows, your going to have to open your wallet for him, and pay for it, which is probably the most repulsive part of this money making scheme. No one, I repeat, no one, should ever have to pay anyone, to ride a wave,(artificial or not), what a soulless experience, open your wallet, give someone your money, to ride a wave. And when you leave, Slater, or one of his buddies, will probably say to you, “hope you had a good time, we enjoyed your company, be sure and come back again sometime, and oh, just one more thing, don’t forget to bring your wallet, (so we can stuff ours”), and, to pay, for your soulless experience”. Tony Carson Big Island

  8. Mike

    Personally I see this as the result of modern day living, people living faster and longer lives, and this is catering to that fundamental change. Call it crass commercialisation of the sport you love but ppl have been talking about this sort of thing for years. Probably starting with surfers looking at lakes and other landlocked bodies of water with what appear to be perfect point break set ups.

    I for one have often daydreamt at the possibility of creating a wave by some means enabling me to surf that landlocked point. I think for me the idea originated with wanting a wave that I could create down to the tiniest details of size, power, speed, shape and sections that was offshore everyday and could be ridden anytime by only my friends and I.

    The financial enormity of creating a wave like that basically demands that unless you are one of the top 1% of the worlds income earners, the only way to see it to fruition is by commercialising it, finding the right investors but they will only invest upon a sound business plan involving payback/return on investment plan etc etc. Thus the need for commercialisation and marketing.

    In some respects it’s a self defeating dream, the very reason for wanting it is now gone along with the crowds of people required to make it a viable option. Having said that, despite the fact I have been surfing for 25 years, I’m so busy at work trying to earn enough money to live close to the ocean on the northern beaches of Sydney that I generally don’t get home in time to go surfing through the week. Bit of a cruel catch 22.

    If someone was to provide me with the option of having a great surf whenever I wanted regardless of the tide, time and wind direction I would be onto it like a flash. If the cost of the technology reached an achievable level I would consider moving inland and building my own like the new wavegarden in Spain.

  9. Tony Carson Big Island

    No one, is ever going to be able to recreate, the stoke of paddling out into the God given free ocean, feeling the salt water and the sand beneath your feet, the sense of freedom you have when your in the ocean, and all the other good vibes that go with it. If you want to pay someone for an artificial experience, that’s up to you. Peace.

  10. Mike


    I never said it would, just that it would be nice to have that option. Right now down under it’s coming in to winter, I leave for work while it’s basically dark and I come home with 45mins before dark if I’m lucky and that only going to get worse for the next couple of months. Over winter I would be pretty happy to get a surfing fix through the week, even if it was only in an artificial setting.

    Personally I’m not a religious person but I do enjoy the ocean in all it’s various moods and that will never be recreated artificially.

  11. Viz

    Tony Carsons a hater. Whoever thinks its all about the money your dumb.


    WAVEPARKS LLC is on a mission to build a surfing park in South Florida! Our intent is not to replace the ocean. We plan to build a surfing destination for all to enjoy. Please visit our web site to see how you can help be a part of this project. Thanks!


  13. tony (ty) carson big island

    I’m not a hater, just voicing my opinion, but I do believe money is motivating these people. And, Wow, wavepaks is on a mission to build a surf park and their intent is not to replace the ocean, (like they really could), and they want to build a artificial surfing destination for all to enjoy, (for a price). And once again, when you leave, someone will probably smile and say “thank you, hope you had a good time, come back again sometime , and oh, just one more thing, don’t forget to bring your wallet”, (to pay for your soulless, artificial experience). Maybe they will even have a tanning booth for you, so you can get some artificial sun also. Peace


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