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Harnessing The Severn

Harnessing The Severn

Alex Dick-Read

This film by Tom Allan came to us via the Australian site It’s a neat mini documentary on the Severn River, famed for its surfable bore, and the conundrums thrown up when the pursuit of clean energy clashes with local cultural and ecological needs. Would the benefits of a barrage outweigh the damage done to the rivermouth’s ecosystem? And would those crazy bore surfers ever let it happen?

Harnessing the Severn from Tom Allan on Vimeo.

  1. Sebastian Stranger

    please, no!

  2. Charlie Sinclair

    We have many sacrifices ahead of us if we are to save ourselves from rising sea levels. If we say no to this then what will we say yes to. Remember that the reason for these measures is to keep us in electric power, so think of that the next time you leave on the TV or a light when you go out. What is the true cost?

  3. Sid

    Well said Charlie, but there is always a compromise. As was said, we can generate electricity without damming the river, so why not take thay option with every river? Ecology will always come with a financial cost. We just have be prepared to meet it.


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