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Finisterre's surfing sheep

Finisterre's surfing sheep

Alex Dick-Read

Not content to have the new Big Wave World Champion, Carlos Burle as their no. 1 ambassador, Cornish company Finisterre have added a new member to their team.

Fact is, she’s more baaaad ass than ewe.

  1. KJS

    Your aware that if the sheep falls in it would probably be in trouble. The wool would soak up the salt water and the sheep would probably drown. They loose alot of sheep that way in New Zealand. The sheep get caught in the streams over there and the weight of the water soaked wool drowns them.

  2. CP

    Yeah, that was my immediate thought too. I suspect that’s why there were two surfers out there and they kept so close to shore. Still, pretty amazing.

  3. Brenda

    this is cute it makes me smile

  4. BCsNsheep

    Since I raise sheep and know how much they HATE water and how easily they drown and get pneumonia, I feel bad for the poor sheep. Mine will all go out of their way, just so as to not have to cross a tiny creek. I’d say they’d be better off with a dog that loves water as a mascot. I think people would find it cuter and more acceptable too. I find this appalling.

  5. Naomi

    I think that’s very cruel!! It was obvious the sheep could not wait to get out of the surf. Even with two surfers out there to help in case of a fall does not change anything. You subjected an innocent animal to that stress.

  6. surf city sheepherder

    What type of sheep is that in the video? Is it a dorper? Thanks


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