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US Congress♥Kelly Slater

US Congress♥Kelly Slater

Alex Dick-Read

He’s an All-American Hero.
It’s official – the government of the the USA, the elected representatives of The People made a declaration last week that 9 time world Champion Kelly Slater is actually, definitely, for-the-record, no-more-debate-about-it, totally f%&^ing rad.
Actually, the language they use is slightly less low-brow, and the video is somewhat tedious due to the nature of legislative procedure. But that’s what they’re saying.
Points for observation, Congress. Well done.

  1. Oily Beaches

    Kelly Slater – what a long way from the wide eyes early days at Quiklsilver USA – Costa Mesa, CA. Kelly, you have done a great job in promoting the sport and lifestyle of surfing. With this honor could you begin to work with Rep. Bill Posey of Florida on helping us in Texas and Louisiana save our beaches and wetlands for future generations? Oil and water do not mix and neither do Beaches/Wetlands. The people of the Third Coast need someone who has the ear of Congress right now to help us in this time of crisis.
    Again, Congratulations Kelly and please help us Keep the Surfing lifestyle alive for all future surfers.


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