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Americans: your planet needs you

Americans: your planet needs you

Alex Dick-Read

Already the world’s no. 1 polluter and consumer of more resources than any other nation, America really should be cleaning up, not dirtying down. Gulf Coast surfers, wishing it was clean.

This just came in from the Surfrider Foundation USA. Groups like SF, and anyone concerned with the state of the environment, should be steeling themselves for more conflict in the months and years ahead. Now that the US has a Republican Congress, they’re in for some truly frightening new laws and schemes that basically say: “Screw the environment. Let business do what it wants.”
So, this is just the start. Even if you’re not American you should be worried, because, err, we all share the same ocean/air/planet. If you are American, you could start by writing to your Senators to object to H.R.1, see below, and in the future, maybe you could do us all a favor by not electing anti-Earth, anti-science oil cronies like these Congressional creeps.
This is serious, folks. We don’t have time to be going backwards.

Here’s Surfrider’s latest release:

2011 Federal Budget: Stand up for Clean Water and our Environment!

In the guise of balancing the federal budget, the U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a funding bill, or Continuing Resolution H.R. 1, that reads like a polluter’s wish list. Bearing the brunt of this attack is our environmental safeguards, and more specifically the Environmental Protection Agency, which will receive a 29% cut in funding from 2010 levels. H.R. 1 also contains numerous, non-funding related riders, that prohibits the enforcement of many of the provisions of the Clean Water, Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts. In coastal and inland communities alike, H.R. 1 will result in dirtier air to breathe and dirtier water to drink and play in. This continuing resolution also goes far to continue to support the oil industry and clear the way for more domestic drilling.
The House bill puts our environment and the health of millions of Americans at risk while doing nothing to create jobs or grow the economy. Interestingly enough, many of the programs that are most affected by the funding cuts have been successful in recent years at stimulating local economies and job growth, such as programs aimed at helping states and local communities fix and maintain their sewer infrastructure and install green, natural systems for managing stormwater runoff. Adding insult to injury, H. R. 1 also extends government handouts to wealthy corporate polluters, a move that will cost American taxpayers billions of dollars.
The Senate still has the power to block the House Continuing Resolution by passing a better bill that protects our water, our air, and our economy. Tell your senators to reject this short-sighted bill from the House, and instead pass a clean bill that protects our health and environment, not corporate polluter profits.
Go here to send a message to Congress.

  1. BooBoooo

    Stick to surfing and cut the left wing political bullcrap. Unless you’re living in a cave and have sworn off surfing I don’t want to hear it. Surfers come form all sides of the political spectrum.

  2. Jpcondy

    BooBoooo try educating yourself a little bit, this has gone beyond politics, this is about protecting our environment, one big part of it being the oceans, which means surfing, there are gonna be serious effects on the environment over the next 50-100 years, unless we all start doing our bit to help mother nature out, she isn’t going to be able to provide for our needs, which means surf spots will disappear with rising ocean levels, you won’t have time to surf cause you’ll be too busy trying to figure out where you next meal is coming from, or your kids next meal. You americans are the biggest polluters, so its time you got down of your high horse and started doing some good for the world as a whole. This disregard for nature is effecting all the people all over the world so stop being so selfish and for once just start thinking about the world as a whole and not just your crummy 50 states. If you continue to be selfish, yea you’ll probably get to enjoy waves until the day you die but there won’t be much for the generations coming after you. The evidence is there so just educate yourself and try giving something back to mother nature, the one that lets you enjoy wave after wave after wave. HAVE A BIT OF RESPECT

  3. blah man

    BooBoooo says:
    March 2, 2011 at 12:44 pm
    Stick to surfing and cut the left wing political bullcrap. Unless you’re living in a cave and have sworn off surfing I don’t want to hear it. Surfers come form all sides of the political spectrum.


    IMHO, Quite indicative,It’s the Left Wing eco ranters of Cally that impacted Clark Foam to shut down! GREEN B.S.!!! WHAT A LAUGH! what a laugh! The boards we ride are fully dependant upon fossil fuels! Hence the industry imposes production to CHINA and other 3rd wrld countryS as per their enviro laws! Look, all this global warming err I mean climate change as per THE CARBON OFFSET scam EXPOSED LEADS RIGHTS BACK TO , Leftist freaks who have no real ties to Surfing. Agree, keep da RADICAL ENVIRO LEFTIST OUTTA SURFING!


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