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Al Gore's Back ...

Al Gore's Back ...

Alex Dick-Read

More inconvenience for those who suckle on the teet of doubt.
‘Nah, there’s nothing wrong with the way we treat the planet.’
‘Hey, he drives an SUV!’
‘Whatever, nothing we can do about it.’ etc. etc.
You’ll see this hyped alot in the next few months, and no doubt by the time it happens there’ll be some compelling reasons to call it bullshit. But look around and you may notice – we ARE affecting the Earth’s ecosystems and we’d better figure something out fast because mind-bending denial is not helping one bit.
September 14th. Be there. Aloha.

  1. Craig

    Why does the surf media continue to push this crap. Al Gore is a fraud. Global warming as presented by hucksters like Gore is a complete hoax. I’m all for taking care of our environment but this is nothing more than bad politics.

  2. david puu

    I had this sent to me by a few people who were distressed over a Surf Entity being so disconnected that it would publish something from this reprobate POS who uses the False Flag of “Green” as a greenwash ploy. But what ELSE would a US Politician do?

    The facts are there and simple. People pollute. In fact any concentration of life will foul an area and die off, self rectifying the problem they created.

    The great thing about man however, is we can intelligently approach and mitigate our affects on the Globe. But only if we succeed in not being manipulated by prurient interest embracing reprobate disconnected American Politicians. If Hell is Hot Al Gore is due for a heckuva sun tan. Fok him.

  3. Bill Hansen

    Al Gore’s still trying to convince everyone who’ll hold still long enough that climate change is evil, that humans are the sole cause, and that if enough “enlightened” folks follow his agenda all will be well. Not true on all counts. We can all agree the planet is in a warming trend, luckily it’s OK! We’re between ice ages! Just because weather is reported so well globally doesn’t mean that it is increasing in intensity, frequency or severity, we are just made more aware! Weather is not BAD for the planet, just for living things. The planet is a dynamic force, nothing remains the same over millenia: change is constant. The planet actually does not care about weather, and as for us humans and the animals currently left on the planet with us, the Earth has scrubbed off much greater life forms than we ever thought of becoming. We are, however an egocentric lot, thinking we are the be all and end all of creation; that we’ll float above all other forms of terrestrial life on our brain power alone. Yet for the average lay person, geologic time is very difficult to grasp given our own very short lifespan. The fact is that we are between ice ages, give or take ten to fifty thousand years. Warming is not “evil” as Al would have everyone believe, but rather normal for this time period. Humans are not only NOT the primary cause, but probably less than a percentage of one percent, if that! Marshalling dramatic video to present select current weather reporting as proof of catastrophic clmate change and use of pseudo-science to convince the populace and overwhelm the skeptics is merely creating a set of false facts to further Al’s political ambitions. Repeating something over and over again does not make it true. Consensus is not science. Finally the idea that humans(once again) have the ability to change the course of the planet’s weather is ridiculous, ludicrous, and would be downright humourous if Al weren’t so serious. Given all that, should we conserve oil and gas? Yes. Should we try to reverse some of the causes of pollution making the planet less pleasant for it’s current creatures? Also, yes. However, the idea that humans can achieve some sort of stasis, to control and enjoy our environment into a distant future needs to be put to rest and a goal that is obtainable should be sought. Cars that get 50 mpg are still cars, one of the worst things to build for your planet, and 50 mpg only slows down the eventual, passing one more problem along to future generations. Will technological advances solve all our problems, or only provide false hope? Continue to ask questions rather than state false “facts” to support some political aspirations Al!

  4. Craig

    I am very heartened to read the two responses other than mine. I was sure I would return to this website to find my post being insulted and ridiculed. People are finally waking up to the fraud that is being pushed by these hucksters. Hopefully the surf media will figure it out soon.

  5. Dennis

    You can hate the messenger all you want, but you can’t change the scientific research that overwhelmingly concludes that the Earth’s climate is changing rapidly due to burning of fossil fuels.

  6. Kenny

    First off , the assumptions that Al Gore’s interest in this issue is politically motivated is laughable . That’s like saying anything Sarah Palin puts out isn’t. His political career is over. Does he make a living speaking on environmental and conservation issues , yes. But c’mon, is there any other life form continually using the resources on this planet and, yes, changing cycles of weather, causing extinctions of species, changing our physical environment to suit our living ? NO ! The one day of no flying over the USA (caused by the reaction to 9/11) drastically showed the greenhouse effect caused by our commercial airline contrails . To say it’s a matter of better reporting of the world’s weather is a serious head in the sand approach . “Probably less than a % of 1%” is straight from Fox News and the Murdock empire. I don’t want to insult or ridicule anyone, but I can see the effects we are having on this world with my own two eyes and if Al Gore wants to organize some type of event to shake some more people into opening theirs and starting a change in perspective in our buying practices and lifestyles , I congratulate him . The surfing industry has always been at the forefront of environmental conservation for obvious reasons, the oceans are our playgrounds and we have stood tall since we were riding wood blanks to resist “Big Business” from polluting the waves . I am surprised to find to find nothing but comments from “Gore-haters” on this magazines website but that is the power of the business as usual generation . Peace folks !


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