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Black Friday x TSP

So as you probably gather we are not big fans of over consumerism, we stand for the environment as one of our pillars of existence, so the very thought of Black Friday makes us cringe.

However rather than hide away and vent, we decided to join in positively. From now until ‘cyber monday’ thats the 2nd of December, we want to offer a subscription which will give something back.

Firstly for every sub purchased we’ll donate £2.50 to a marine charity, which we’ll decide with our community on Black Friday. We want to sell 300 new subs, or single copies, thus making a total of £750 to donate.

help us plant a forest

Then on top of that, we’re going to plant ten Mangrove trees for every subscriber, and not just the 300 who sign up over the next week, but every single one. We’ll announce how many on cyber monday as well.

So you get a chance to get a quarterly magazine of the highest quality dropped onto your mat every 3 months, we then donate to a marine charity and plant ten trees in your name. You can buy a single copy, two, a Christmas sub, or sign up for life –

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