12 in 24

12 RAW in 24 – North Atlantic

We see a carefully curated world of surfing these days, instagram is a beauty at showing us the shiny bits of our world, but of every shot that makes the gram, there are thousands that die on memory cards never to be seen. These are the shots that tell the real stories, but last thing you want to see is a surf photographers whole memory card, but we are still pretty curious. So this is a mid weekly drop of one memory card, shot in 24 hours, by one photographer and these are not the best 12 images, but the twelve that tell the story fo the day.

I think we’d just slept in a tunnel, we’d have just had a hot dog and a pastry for breakfast and went to check this pretty, but very average break.

This area is really pretty, but it bugs me that people call it the Arctic, technically you have to be north of the Arctic Circle to be able to say that, and this is not.
Classic Ian Battrick, barefoot in the snow, wearing all his own gear, a more feral but legit character you will not meet.
Cold, cold paddle out, but it’s one of those waves that photographs way better than it surfs.
Driving and more driving, looking for non existent waves, it’s all very pretty but the reality of decent surf is there really isn’t much.
last light grainy as all hell
Dane Gudauskas taking in the moonrise

Last light lines of dying swell
After a freezing day of very little surf we pulled over in a lay-by and slept in the car (we couldn’t afford accommodation) but you get to see this in the middle of the night because you’re freezing and cant sleep.
And early morning photo opps for Batty’s then fledgling surf company Lunasurf

That was it one standard day in Iceland, always beautiful, very rarely with any good surf, but nothing like camping rough in the middle of winter under the northern lights.

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