Solstice 58.58

Beautifully shot, timed and topically right in a place we love, Solstice 58.58 is a thoughtful piece of work by the ever creative Lewis Arnold. Lewis is a full time photographer in the North East of England, a place known for cold, fickle but perfect surf and he shoots the mood up there like few others. He’s embedded in the north, and this vignette shot last year both in the north east and ultimately on the north coast of Scotland is a well crafted tale. Stir into the mix three interesting characters in Easkey Britton, Sandy Kerr and the legendary Chris Noble, all riding one of James Otter’s beautifully crafted wooden boards and you have something to touch the soul. Hit play, then check the gallery below.

Solstice 58.58° from Lewis Arnold on Vimeo.

Solstice 58.58°

Solstice 58.58° is a short film project documenting alternative ways to make an old journey…the trip to northernmost Scotland in search of pristine Atlantic waves and the liminal Solstice light.

The film explores possibilities in travel and surfing sustainability, making hay of the wild Caithness coast while the midsummer sun shines.

Shot over the Summer Solstice, Easkey Britton, Sandy Kerr and Chris Noble tread lightly, riding revolutionary and sustainable surfboard designs, throughout the surreal solstice night.

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