Friday Afternoon Cinema

We’re not ones to rush to get every clip on line, but we are lovers of good surf cinema, from high octane no holds barred surf porn to considered left field documentary, we love it all. So to go with our legendary Monday Morning Wave, which is back on monday, we now give you Friday Afternoon Cinema, a collection of the weeks film releases, or the ones we think are worth your time.

This is pleasant five minute clip from a new kid on the surf film block, South African, Michael Veltman. We particularly love a good helping of water stuff, mixed in with less regular land based shots. Feels like a show reel and there is a lot more to come from this guy.

Love or hate wave pools, love or hate aerialists and cutting edge performance, you have to watch this clip to see the future of surfing in the air. Matt Meola pushing what is possible, perfecting the insane in the perfect use for a man made pulse of swell.

Finally the trailer of the week, no doubt this is going to be an epic film, and hopefully someone will bring it and tour in Europe as well.

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