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Issue 101

We’ve been back up and running for a month, we’ve been totally overwhelmed by people wanting to subscribe, and by contributors wanting to be in the magazine.

On the magazine front we have some incredible writers coming on board, re-igniting the fire under The Surfer’s Path with some beautifully crafted features, complemented by some astounding photography. The really fantastic part of coming back into print is the wealth of talent out there, whilst we absorb most of this through little square images and captions on our phones, being able to unleash some of it in print is going to be a real pleasure and honour to share.

We’re not going to tease too much at the moment, always bugs me how much you see of magazines online before they are in peoples hands, so we’ll leave it at we have some old favourites (including founding editor Alex) and some people who were barely learning their craft when we disappeared.

Can’t wait to share it all with you in June. There are a couple of questions which we’ll answer –

How big is the mag and what is it going to be printed on?

We are going to be consistently 124 pages, of which 112 will be editorial, we are going to have some partners, but the number of pages of ads will never be over 10/12 and of those one will always be an ocean charity.

At the moment we are still deciding on the final paper stock and ink, it will follow on from the extremely green credentials of The Path, but a lot has changed in four years so we want to deliver the very highest quality of imagery as well.

Where can I get The Path?

We are 99% subscription only (or direct single issue purchase), distribution on a mass scale is expensive, wasteful and not very environmentally sound. So we’ll be delivering direct to peoples doors. We may be in the odd shop, but the rate the subs are selling, it is unlikely issue 101 will be available anywhere else, you can subscribe HERE

How Often?

We’re going to start off being quarterly, we may go more, and the response to the subs certainly indicates that there is a demand.

What about a website?

We’re not digital averse, but we primarily want to deliver an incredible world class journal, and that is where the focus is. This site will be replaced by a new one soon, but all resources are focussed on paper. That said film is equally important and we are working on our first movies already.

What we will never be is a site that churns out the latest edits and news etc. There is no need, there are already many very good sites doing this.

Any other questions about subscribing or contributing drop us a line – hello@surferspath.com

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