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100 Surfing Paths

We aren’t going to do a lot in the digital realm, there are plenty of other magazines nailing this, and delivering the latest from the surfing world on a minute by minute basis. Our focus is purely on the gloriousness of high quality print and some incredible films. Having said that, we have a little gap coming up before we start sharing those, so we had an idea…

Prior to TSP’s sad demise four or so years ago, Alex and the team created 100 incredibly diverse and fascinating issues. We will be starting at issue 101, so we decided we would respect that achievement by talking to 100 people across Europe. Some pros, but mostly surfers like you and I about their own surfing paths over the last four or five years. A lot has happened in that time, there are a lot of fascinating tales, emotional tales and outright ridiculous adventures.

We’re starting on Friday, right here, won’t say who yet, but it’s a good one…

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