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The Path is back…

OK, so we’re coming back, we’re a small team who are brewing up something with exactly the same philosophy as The Surfer’s Path worked on before, but with some tweaks on how we deliver it.

Most importantly we exist for the reader, and not to be a vessel for ads, or advertorial.

We want to be a haven to escape from the digital world, even if it is just for a few hours. Long, well considered features, and not about the same stuff you can find online, are what we are all about. The stories on the fringes of our surfing world, ones that need to be told, alongside adventures which are closer to our own real lives and a million miles away from pro filled team missions.

You can get all the branded content you need online, you don’t need a mag to do the same, so we are firmly rooted in reality, with an eye on the environment, and deeper issues which our marine world faces. But mostly we’re about the surfing that we all do day in day out, the backyard adventures, the characters in our local surf communities, the guys pushing the boundaries, and all brought together by the best photographers ad writers. We are most definitely premium, we are not a quick hit, we’re all about quality, and letting photos and words do the talking.

What We Are Going To Be -A beautifully crafted, timelessly relevant journal in the same vein as the original TSP. Based in Europe, with a focus on the characters, environment, surfing and waves of this swell drenched continent. But with a unique world view, and angle that blends the wider surf culture with nuances of Northern Europe.

What about ads? Well we don’t have an ad guy, so that should tell you something. We are striving to be totally reader supported, which in this modern day and age isn’t that difficult. Tech may have broken the original magazine model, but it’s also helped cut the giant overheads of producing one as well. So to start with we’re keeping the ad to editorial ratio at 8% that equates to six/seven partners who believe in our vision. so in a journal of 120 pages, there will be a maximum of 10 pages of ads, and that’s it, we may even cap it lower if subs continue to come in as they are.

This isn’t our final website, that’s being built at the moment, but we’ll start updating this blog from today, and this post will grow as well.

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